Textsex with no email

How would HE feel if he saw one of the emails between his wife and another guy? And while you're not responsible for his vows and all that, you can't escape culpability any more than if you were sheltering a known criminal from prosecution. If your firend is really is unhappy and wants out, he should do the decent thing and tell her. i hate to disagree with you, but you'd only deserve it if you'd continued.

If not, then he should work on his marriage and keep the emotional/sexual intimacy for his partner.5. everyone is entitled to be stupid sometime, but life is a learning process.

Step up and do the right thing, you owe it to yourself and to his wife, but you don't owe him anything.

By replying I feel like I'm just saying "me too" but you do need to end this fiercesheep.

If you continue on this road, he'll probably just end up using you for sex until his wife finally finds out and everyone ends up miserable. And here I thought the OP was going to inquire what the hell "text sex" entails. He probably does like you, or at least find you attractive enough to imagine in a sexual scenario.In fact, I'll delete the rest of my post and just re-iterate that. I'm assuming his wife wouldn't giggle like a schoolgirl if she were to peruse an e-mail exchange in its entirety. If it was my husband I'd be devastated - and yes, I would think it was cheating. My own marriage recently ended (not because of anyone cheating, as it happens) and he is the first person I've been interested in since - but my chances of meeting anyone new are indeed greatly reduced if I'm pinning any hope on 'married man'. I've deleted his number and sent him an email saying all bets are off. You people were all a lot less harsh than I thought you would be, and I would have deserved it. You did confirm what I already knew; that I've been a twat and it's time to end it.If the husband and wife both know and think it's just harmless fun, it can be.[1] If not, then no, it's a problem. Well, as people said, he's probably just doing it because he enjoys it and can: it's not clear what it implies. I was surprised to figure it out, but some people, without becoming really poly, are ok with things other people wouldn't be. Technology makes a lot of "morality" a little cloudy, but if you get down to the root of why it is that folks in general swear before the diety of their choice to do the nasty exclusively with each other henceforth, it becomes pretty obvious that you two may as well be sharing each other's fleshy bits. :smack: Thanks.fiercesheep, as a wife that recently discovered her husband had been in a flirtatious and slightly sexual cyber exchange-I just want to say thank you for deciding to end it.it may hurt for a while but you will soon realise just how stupid this whole situation is when you are out of it.:smack: by the way, with a username like that you should watch out for hal...........

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